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Alaine, Dexta Daps Make Magic With ‘See It Yah’

Alaine and Dexta Daps deliver all the feels and then some in their unexpected yet serene collaboration – See It Ya, a Reggae ballad that blurs the lines between R&B and Soul, which shines as a rare moment of serendipity for the genre.

The explosion of harmonies, effortlessly orchestrated by two of the most recognized voices in Jamaican music, made the track an emotional, soul-touching adventure that only sought its climax after Alaine and Dexta had given it their all, weaving melodies that descended into a joyful whisper between the duet, who had been celebrating a well-deserved love.

See It Yah, which literally translates from Jamaican Patois to mean ‘See It Here’ or more accurately ‘Here It Is,’ features Alaine and Dexta Daps in a rather convincing portrayal as ecstatically grateful lovers. From the forehead-to-forehead contact to the face-caressing, Alaine and Dexta stop just shy of sealing the Quan Nelson-directed video with a kiss. 

They, however, play their chemistry beautifully, and instead of the palpable tension and playfulness that persisted throughout the video feeling like a tease, they instead created a near-perfect image of a love beyond content with itself. If the video had somehow fallen short of achieving that, it would have, at the very least, been the acting audition of the year for the two crooners, who left it up only to the real world to confirm that they weren’t, in fact, a real couple. In the video, they were lovers, and if ever there was a secret ingredient to the song’s overwhelming charm, that was it.

With an explosive and easy-to-catch chorus, coupled with runs that may very well inspire a few social media covers, Alaine and Dexta Daps may have stumbled upon a formula worth flexing at some point again in the future.

The song is a delight, and is a brilliant showcase in the magic that abounds when talent, passion and chemistry collide.

See It Yah, produced by Ajusdivybz Music, premiered yesterday, May 19. 

Check out the video above.

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