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Best Nepo Babies Breakout Roles

JeffBet analyzed the first starring roles of 50 nepo babies in Hollywood and found the 20 best breakout roles they portrayed. The list included 20 names, and the website examined their careers to determine their popularity.

“Children of the Hollywood elite who are interested in following in their families’ footsteps can likely leverage their families’ connections to land pivotal and successful roles, even as early as childhood – an opportunity that many other acting hopefuls do not have,” a spokesperson for JeffBet said. “However, nepo babies bring a new generation, perspective, and talent to their career, which distinguishes them from their predecessors – and their talent should not be underestimated.”

Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis‘ daughter, Jamie Lee Curtis, tops the list with her flick Halloween, with a 92.50/100 score in the study.

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