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Blu Lyon Amped Up About New Song ‘Walk With The Vybz’

Trinibad recording artist Blu Lyon is amped up that his most recent release, Walk With The Vybz, recently grabbed the number one spot on the iTunes reggae chart, albeit if only for a few hours, after its release in July.

He is the son of Trinidadian soca star Austin ‘Superblue’ Lyons.

“I was somewhat surprised and wondered what it really meant for my career. It’s a significant accomplishment but I was only thinking about what was next because ‘Walk With The Vybz’ is a number one chart worthy song, and it really sold well in terms of pure album sales,” he said.

The song has since settled in the top ten of the reggae iTunes chart.

“The lyric video for ‘Walk With The Vybz’ is also on YouTube and streaming well. The song has been released on several mixtapes in New York City and is playing mostly at back yard parties in NY. It’s also spinning at a club called Lagos NYC in Manhattan,” he said.

Blu Lyon will be performing at a show at SOBs on August 22nd and at Hot 97 DJ Magic’s car show in September.

Since January, Blu Lyon has heavily promoted his single “Bu$$ Fare,” which has caused both interest and unease along with its counterpart, ‘Hidden Fees’ in which he calls out bad business practices in the dancehall industry and name drops some of the culprits.

Born in the United States but raised in Trinidad, Blu Lyon is a stout advocate of dancehall, representing the rising genre of ‘Trinibad’.

He is best known for the song, ‘Ms. CEO’ which has racked up over 50,000 views on Youtube.

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