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Cham, Bounty Killer, Dexta Daps Premiere ‘Slow Motion’ Movie And Music Video

After releasing the official audio for their new single Slow Motion last February, Baby Cham, Bounty Killer and Dexta Daps have premiered a follow-up mini-movie and music video on Friday, May 5.

Slow Motion – The Movie, starring Baby Cham, Bounty Killer, Dexta Daps, and Jada Kingdom as the sexy video vixen, was directed by film director Dennis Brown and videographers Shane Creative. 

The 15-minute movie served as a prelude to the music video for the Tony Kelly (Madhouse Records) and DubShot-produced track.

The ‘Slow Motion’ Movie 

The docu-style film, which was shot in Kingston, Jamaica, begins with narration by Baby Cham and sporadic voiceover of popular TV host, Winford Williams. Several of Madhouse Records’ past hits serve as background music for the film, including Cham’s Gallang Yah Gal, Wayne Wonder’s Bashment Party, and Keep Them Coming.

“Dancehall is a lifestyle, culture, a way of living,” Cham states in the intro. “Dancehall is the vibe. That place where all the females turn up hot. Rude boys dem haffi turn up because the females are there.”

As he takes listeners down memory lane, the visuals capture street views of the city along with old party scenes from 4 decades ago at ‘House of Leo’ (1976) and ‘Rae Town’ (1978). 

“If you don’t [didn’t] have a girl, you can’t go Rae Town. Rae Town is a party weh man and woman haffi lock together, that’s only natural. A suh Rae Town used to work … the common denominator [was] man and woman together,” he continued relating. 

The scenes then switch to present-day, and in a series of typical events that lead up to a major party in Jamaica, Slow Motion – the ‘All White Affair’, featuring live performances with the three entertainers and sound systems Lava Sound and Game Changaz, is highly promoted by DJ Copper Shaun on the radio station and becomes the biggest buzz around town. 

For each of the Dancehall artists, preparation for the Slow Motion event is quite different. While Dexta gets his hair styled, Cham and Bounty visit the car dealership to pick out some luxury whips for their grand entry. None better than Jada, however, who was first to cop herself the best car on the lot, along with a fancy new outfit.

The ‘Slow Motion’ Music Video

It’s time to party, and the music video picks up the scenes inside a club setting where everyone is ironically moving in ‘slow motion.’ 

Dexta, who (as expected) is swarmed by a hoard of ladies, tunes the infectious hook, “Baby your loving gives me fever, you make me feel like I wanna love you all night. Baby your love is like tequila, intoxicating, I wanna love all night.” 

Bounty and Cham join in with their verses to talk romance and all the perks they bring to the table. Dinner, red wine, and candlelight to set the mood and “slowing it down and getting very very rude” they tease.

The visuals, produced by Shane Creative, are keen on capturing the Dancehall party culture and vibe. As the ladies swirl their waistlines and bodies in slow sultry grooves, sipping on their drink of choice, the men assume their position behind trying to keep up.

As for the artists, Dexta busies with the ladies, Cham and Jada look particularly close and flirty, while Killer stays poised dishing his ganster-style flows.

The film ends with Cham sharing his life experiences growing up in the dance culture and explaining the essence of Dancehall. 

“Growing up we used to look forward to going to parties. Asking our favorite girl for a dance whenever our favorite song comes on because that’s how we saw the elders did it. All ah di elder dem, male and female, used to lock together tight, no breeze can pass through them,” he said.

“So we use to do the same thing when we went to a school fete or a barbecue, or a sweet sixteen party of whatever it might be. That ah the essence of Dancehall … yeah. And I kinda feel like we miss those days when man and woman lock together … just express themselves in dat way, rub a dub style, dancehall style, slow motion,” he continued.

While this is Bounty Killer and Baby Cham’s third team up (Another Level – 2000), (Blood Clxxt – 2022), the new collaboration to include Dexta Daps won over fans.

“The collaboration I didn’t think I need but definitely needed ️ ️,” said one YouTube viewer about the song.

Others added, “Dexta is really a breath of fresh air to Dancehall. Killa and Cham are two master Architects of their craft,” and “Big up to Killa, Daps and Cham on this blazing track. This is the Summer ’23 Anthem!”

“Bounty Killer, Dexta Daps and Baby Cham brought their A-game to this mesmerizing track. Super-hot video , said another.

As for the Tony Kelly (Madhouse Records)-produced riddim, fans raved its rhythmic composition, predicting it may be a Grammy contender.

“Whoever make this riddim deserve a Grammy 💯,” said one person. Another agreed, “Tune and riddim deserve a grammy and a platinum plaque indeed who agree?”

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