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Dovey Magnum Speaks On The Release Her First EP, ‘No Filter’

Dancehall star Dovey Magnum is breaking through a glass ceiling in her own career with the release of her first EP, No Filter, on May 5.

“This is my first major body of work because this is the first time I have been able to get the support. Before, is always p—y ah the problem, the producers beg p—y while they’re working. Whenever I asked for help in the past with established producers, I would sing two or three songs and then all of a sudden, they don’t want to work with me again,” Dovey Magnum told DancehallMag.

“So ah just pure one-one song mi have, the amount of unfinished songs weh mi have inna my phone, mi walk with mi career inna mi hand, cause everything inna mi phone.”

Since her return to Jamaica several months ago, Dovey Magnum has been consistently releasing singles, the latest of which was Zelle, released on Wednesday of this week.

However, Dovey Magnum is beaming with pride about her EP. She said that 1Royalty Entertainment was impressed by her work ethic and the speed with which she was able to write and record songs, and decided to do an EP with her.

“I took a half hour to voice a song, and they wanted other songs, so I stayed in Ocho Rios and did the album. 1 Royalty Entertainment had seen how my career had been blackballed, they saw the damage, and knew something was going on as to why Dovey Magnum hasn’t reached that next level,” she said.

Dovey Magnum

The 7-song set features songs such as Wakanda, Not Too Late, Wet, 1 Night Stand, Egotistic, Leave and Red Wine & Whisky.

“One of my most personal tracks on the album is ‘Leave’ which comes from a real life situation which chronicles something that I went through personally and it is very touching in terms of the emotions and what I had to go through with a guy. By sharing my experience, I know females can relate because they go through the same thing, the heartbreak, the craziness, everything,” she said.

Dovey admitted that her favorite track on the EP is the sensuous Red Wine and Whisky, which comes off as an ode to a crazy-sexy-cool libation.

“When I heard the riddim for the song the first time, it transported me to a different world, so I knew I had to come out of my genre, my own comfort zone and go for a different feel. In the track, I am not singing or talking about a man, this is a love song for Red Wine and Whisky literally, how it makes me feel high and nice,” she said, laughing.

Dovey Magnum hopes that No Filter is a commercial success.

“It means so much to me for it to be a success because I want 1 Royalty Entertainment to win because they believe in me so much, I want them to win as much as they want me to win, and I want them to feel great about their decision to choose to stand with me,” she said.

Dovey Magnum, who describes herself as “Dancehall’s Sweet, Horny Voice,” is best known for 2019 hit song Bawl Out, in which she chronicles in delicious detail how she delights in their energetic love-making, and the requisite sound effects involved.

Dovey Magnum is also known for songs such as Sex Slave, Taxic, Sex Is Lovely, Location, and Bruk It Off.

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