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Dr. Reza Releases New Single ‘Raise Your Vote’

Dr. Reza Releases New Single ‘Raise Your Vote’ – With the upcoming national elections looming, Dr. Reza, renowned medical practitioner and business leader, is stepping into the spotlight in a new role as a musician and advocate for voter participation. Dr. Reza, in collaboration with his friend Dr. Smile Lex Leo, has released a powerful anthem titled “Raise Your Vote.” The song, aimed at inspiring South Africans to engage in the democratic process. To make their voices heard at the ballot box.

When asked about his motivation to shift his focus from medicine and business to music with a political message, Dr. Reza shared, “I am still very much focused on my day jobs, but I felt like I needed to do something to get people interested in voting and critically assessing their options for their future government. I love my job and the opportunity it gives me to change lives by combining art and science.”

Dr Reza has a passion for music…

Despite his medical and business background, Dr. Reza has always had a passion for music, albeit mostly in private settings like karaoke nights. However, he recognized the potential of music as a medium to reach a broad audience with his message of civic engagement.

The collaborative process behind “Raise Your Vote” was a labor of love and dedication to the cause. Dr. Reza made the decision to create a song with the hopes that it will encourage people to vote. With the guidance of his friend Dr. Smile Lex Leo, and the expertise of voice coach RJ Benjamin and producer Goofy, the song took shape to become an anthem for political awareness.

“Raise Your Vote” carries a clear message to South Africans. Each individual’s vote matters and can make a significant difference in shaping the future of the nation.” Dr. Reza emphasizes the importance of studying political parties. Examining their track records, ethics, and promises to make informed decisions at the polls.

Dr. Reza also addresses the issue of voter apathy, acknowledging the lack of voter involvement in some areas. He believes that by not voting, individuals are effectively allowing others to determine their future. This, reinforcing the need for active participation in the democratic process.

‘Raise your vote’ is a call to action…

Looking ahead, Dr. Reza envisions a South Africa governed by an effective, honest, and hardworking government that prioritizes the well-being of its citizens. He believes that ending corruption and uplifting the quality of life for all South Africans are essential steps towards realizing this vision.

“Raise Your Vote” is more than just a song. It’s a call to action! Urging South Africans to exercise their democratic right and shape the future of their country.

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