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Nigy Boy, Rvssian Score With ‘Continental,’ Fans React: “Took A Blind Man To See What Dancehall Needed”

“Took a blind man to see what Dancehall needed.”

That is one of the hundreds of comments that have been flowing in since yesterday’s official release of Nigy Boy’s Continental, a song recorded on Dancehall producer Rvssian’s Dutty Money riddim which is being embraced by music lovers for having lyrics that are free from expletives and depravity, unlike his counterparts who have voiced on the beat so far.

Dutty Money is a remake of Rvssian’s 2009 Go Go Club riddim, a beat the producer said in 2014 that he took less than five minutes to create.  Nigy’s Continental was released on Wednesday to the delight of fans of the blind singer, who claim that the song is the one that has the potential to become a global hit.

“Baddest song pon di riddim suh far.. No bagga nastiness, no f-ckery, good clean lyrics weh mek sense… Yute ya blind but him have vision!” one man wrote of the 22-year-old Montegonian in response.

“High quality song Hybrid dancehall … All these other artists on this riddim should be ashamed,” Jamminjamiel noted, while shevvr added: “I hope this generation take a note that, music doesn’t have to be about gun, scamming nor sex…….just raw talent”.

“Hands down and hats off, this is the best song on the riddim. All other songs are trash tbh. This is an artist with raw talent!!!” another man said.

So far, the artists who have voiced on Dutty Money before Nigy, have all been imperious in their delivery, hooks and flows.  However, many Dancehall lovers contend that the lyrics are all predicated on the same overdone topics: taboo sex acts, drugs, depravity, and misogyny.

Since Wednesday, there have been harsh criticisms and comparisons of the previously-released songs to the profanity-free Continental, in which Nigy admonishes his lover to accept the fact he needs to have multiple lovers from across all seven continents, as the women are totally irresistible. The song has racked up more than 205,000 views on YouTube within 24 hours.

Najeerii’s Phat Phat was the first song to be released on the beat back in early December 2023.  That track has received more than two million views, however, it is loaded with profanities and is regarded as Not Fit For Airplay.

St. Ann-based artist Kraff has also voiced the sexually-charged song titled Nursery Rhymes on the beat, which has, so far, accrued 1.8 million views on YouTube.  Loaded with explicit content as well is Brysco’s Gimmi Nikki & Broad Thickaz, which samples Vybz Kartel’s Picture you and Me, and Valiant’s Bubble Gum.

Rajah Wild’s Go Go, which is predicated on taboo sex acts and borders on masochism, has received the most views so far, scoring more than five million since its release.

Shenseea and Jada Kingdom reportedly have upcoming songs recorded on the riddim.

The original Go Go club riddim had a slew of hit songs, among them Vybz Kartel’s title track Go-Go Club, Blak Ryno’s Bike Back and Merital’s My Money (Ha Ha), were all either fit for airplay or otherwise had a concomitant profanity-free version recorded for radio.

Many Dancehall fans, in expressing joy that they would be able to enjoy Continental, which appears to be the only song on the riddim fit to be broadcast on Jamaican radio and television airwaves, thanked the artist for keeping his lyrics clean.

“Iv missed QUALITY CLEAN music. And the man have harmony. This is music! Best tune on the riddim by far!” Scottycuss said, while one woman noted: “So happy for him! Everybody else can go sit down we satisfy with this hit”.

“Best song on the riddim even my grandparents can listen to it without saying something negative, another woman added, while Linkage5118 noted: “This is a hit no Obeah no under gal no chopping no Mali no guns-there is hop,”.

“This is what we the people have been awaiting! Good music! Harmonies, musicality, clarity ,” drummergirlturps1754 said.

Some have also dubbed Nigy Boy “the Dancehall Stevie Wonder” while others said that the track had all the components of an international Dancehall hit song.

“THIS RECORD IS A HIT: Great Chorus/Hook; Captivating word play; Wicked flow; No Profanity; No Nudity A DANCEHALL DIS,” Consultphanom said, while Oklahoman.405 added: “A blind man with a vision to save dancehall, clear and clean lyrics.”

“Nigy Boy gives an example of what Dancehall can be AGAIN – back in the day when American artists admired and wanted to collaborate with us. Excellent song with actual lyrics and melody. Love it!” another noted.

There were some who said that the recording of more Dancehall songs of the calibre of Nigy Boy’s, could help Dancehall to reclaim its place that Afrobeats has supposedly taken.

“PLS PLS MORE !! THIS IS THE DANCEHALL THE WORLD NEEDS. Regular rotations of a few more songs like this and Afrobeats will have to move over soon. We need to reclaim wi tinh,” MalichaiJnr said, while keeganvoice added.

“GIVE THANKS for Rvssian for opening the door for a humble and talented young bright artist who has a clear vision to bring us back to the truest and purest form of dancehall,” another added.

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