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Shaggy, Rayvon And DJ Cassidy Remake ‘Weekend At Bernie’s’ And 8 More New Songs

Every week our writers at DancehallMag highlight new Jamaican songs and videos you should add to your Reggae, Dancehall, Trap, and R&B playlists.

This week we have Shaggy reuniting with his longtime collaborator Rayvon for a DJ Cassidy-produced remake of ‘Escape’ -The Pińa Colada Song. Spice joins the list, appearing in a summer banger, Energy with Flo Rida and Rotimi. There’s more to enjoy from Aidonia, Jahshii, Govana, Skeng, Valiant, and Tommy Lee Sparta, plus others below.

Shaggy & DJ Cassidy ft. Rayvon – If You Like Pińa Coladas

In an interpretation of Rupert Holmes’1979 Billboard No.1 hit, Escape (The Pińa Colada Song), DJ Cassidy, Shaggy, and Rayvon have joined forces to produce a fresh take on the yacht-rock classic. With the reworked title, If You Like Pińa Coladas, the song brings a fitting tropical summer vacation vibe as Rayvon and Shaggy lend their ‘island boy’ librettos in the verses.

The new video, directed by Joseph and Mia Michele Labisi, pays homage to the 1989 cult comedy film, “Weekend At Bernie’s,” and sees DJ Cassidy take on the hilarious role of “deceased party host” Bernie, originally played by actor Terry Kiser, who makes a special cameo in the video by reuniting with his original co-star, Jonathan Silverman, who also appears. The scenes were filmed on location in Miami Beach in collaboration with Malibu®, the go-to brand for Pińa Coladas.

Flo Rida ft. Rotimi & Spice – Energy 

In his latest drop Energy, American rapper Flo Rida shows us how he’s spending the summer on his home turf with a little help from the Queen of Dancehall – Spice, and Nigerian-American singer Rotimi. The music video, directed by Alex Acosta was shot in Miami, Florida, showing off pool parties at his crib, and days jet skiing, and yachting in the company of bikini-wearing beauts. Club scenes later appear to spotlight Spice and her dancers “bussin’ a whine” on the dancefloor. Watch more below: 

Skeng – Fever 

After being faced with a “broad bumper” girl and others similarly endowed, Skeng has come down with a severe bout of Fever in this latest release. The Xtreme Arts-directed visuals bring this risqué episode to life, exhibiting some audacious video vixens displaying their twerking skills. See more here:

RajahWild, Bayka – Hell Will Raise 

Dancehall newcomer RajaWild is back again this week, this time with fellow act Bayka, vowing Hell Will Raise in another sinister plot. The two go in heavy on “dark rituals” – using the now popular topic of occultism to instill fear in their adversaries. The visuals, directed by Shot By Deth and KD Visuals follow their grim lives of practicing witchcraft and wreaking havoc with their guns in hand.

Jahshii – Brave Heart 

In the midst of the very public controversy surrounding his supposed involvement in a murder case, Jahshii releases his new single to say he was born with a Brave Heart. The burden of it all, however, is still overwhelming. He explains: “Ah in a di mountain mi deh ah try escape, no hotel [or] water bill couldn’t more than me stress rate … Mi check pain, it say depression cant explain headache and chest pain, brain want CT scan, heart want x-ray, crazy rush …”

Govana – XMan 

Govana has a hilarious new track XMan that takes viewers inside his lifestyle of a domineering ladies’ man. There’s nothing he won’t give them, in fact, he promises something more if they’d just leave their men. The Xtreme Arts-directed music video captures his slick moves as he sweet-talks several ladies at the gym. Watch more here: 

Tommy Lee Sparta – Action Pack

Tommy Lee Sparta is on a roll this week, dropping two new songs, Last Time and Action Pack, the latter coming in on the ‘Inna Dem Head’ riddim – produced by Romeich Entertainment. The Spartan Soldier deejay seems quite miffed with an undesirable bunch he says, “Trace like gal”. Adding in verses, “Ah when since them come a lap frock tail,” – a traditional gesture when gossiping. “Hey man that’s wrong,” he continues. Listen more below.

Aidonia – We Doh Regular 

The 4th Genna Boss is set out to prove he is far from the norm in his new track, We Doh Regular. The deejay takes to the Banga House MG and Haunted Music-produced beat, dishing some melodic flows to talk about his “many gals.” In the visuals, Aidonia plays a lucky photographer who has a way with some of his most beautiful clients … “prettier than Lopez, Jennifer.”

Valiant – Designer 

In his latest single, Designer, produced by Big Hitz Records, Valiant flaunts his expensive things; from his Versace shirt, Prada shoes, and Zara jeans to the high-end whips, and top-shelf liquor. The music video directed by KhingCam Visuals puts these “designer” brands on show, as Valiant basks in the high life.

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