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Shenseea Flexes Her “Waistline” On New Song

As promised, Shenseea dropped her new single, Waistline on Friday, with a seductive visualizer showing viewers exactly how she wants them to wine to the baseline.

“Yuh waistline fi ah move as yuh hear di song,” the Dancehall star told Billboard about the new song, which appears on a slow-tempo beat with a pulsating baseline.

The Run Run singer wears a risqué ‘Web’ dress from fashion designer Ren Haixi (@rencorporation) and offers a ‘wining’ lesson of sorts as she swirls her hips in slow motion through the 2:45-minute visualizer.  

Waistline undeniably bolsters female empowerment and the freedom of expression with lyrics such as: “Need you to slide on me … I need a long ride, I need every stroke precise ‘cause baby it’s the flex for me.” 

Speaking more about the motivation of the song, the Rebel singer said, “It’s about women feeling confident and sexy and getting in the mood, and enjoying yourself. That’s what this song is about and I can’t wait to see the feedback on it.”

Just hours after its release, Waistline has scored positive reviews from fans. 

“Shen always makes us feel good❤💃🏻” one fan said. Another commented, “Definitely dropping my waistline when I hear the baseline💪🏽💪🏽.”

Others described the track as “catchy” and “beautiful, with more complimenting remarks; “Everything about this is fire 🔥🔥 couldn’t wait for this 🐉🐉,” and “Now this is Shenseea at her best, Dancehall Game changer.”

Waistline has also picked up a buzz on TikTok, where fans grabbed a soundbite of the song that simulates a weapon and do before-and-after looks – see below:

Press play on Shen’s new release, Waistline, above.

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