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Teejay, Kyodi Fling Two More Diss Tracks At Byron Messia

It’s been radio silence from the Byron Messia camp in the wake of two new diss tracks – Kyodi’s Yaadman Badness and Teejay’s Unwanted Child.

Following a series of recent Instagram posts that saw both men trading shots, Messia seemingly intended for his response to Teejay’s Warning, Collision, to be the finale in their unexpected clash. The St. Kitts-based Dancehall artist had explained: “Nar argue with no guy way call down me phone inna Saint Maarten fe look peace with me… Matter of fact, f#cc dat… and me done chat.”

Teejay, however, was not done. Amidst his birthday celebrations, the Uptop Boss took time to address Messia in an Instagram Live, taking shots at the singer while promising another diss track – which ultimately became Unwanted Child.

Imploring Messia to “come wid a betta song”, Teejay had warned: “Piggy… Mi nuh done wid yuh case innuh. Not because a mi birthday, mi nuh done wid yuh case… You are a child. You are a big, badmind corrupt child, but mi soon get to you… Just memba, I’m your idol. Yuh idolize mi. Guh find a badda chune dan dat if yuh waa come clash wid mi.”

Shortly after, Unwanted Child premiered on October 4, raining down what fans have claimed to be a brutal rebuttal from Teejay, marking his best offering yet in the feud. Produced by UTC, the track is a groovy, mid-tempo Dancehall mix overflowing with vitriol for Messia, as Teejay lets listeners in on some allegations against the 25-year-old.

From the title’s claims that he is an unwanted child (“Act like a we mek him madda disown him”), Messia is further put through the wringer as Teejay piles on with a few colorfully grim metaphors, all while insinuating that Messia is a fraud who knows nothing about the lifestyle he champions in his hit song, Talibans. 

Meanwhile, Messia’s silence allowed just enough space for an unexpected challenger to enter the fray. That’s Kyodi – the up-and-comer from Aidonia’s 4th Genna camp – whose spirited defense of Teejay and Jamaica, offered an entertaining twist to the slow-moving clash.

In Yaadman Badness, produced by Markus Records, Kyodi implies in the track’s opening that he and Messia are somewhat equal. More specifically, he suggests that Teejay is too big of an artist to waste time on Messia, and that he, Kyodi – who has just as many hits as Messia – one, will be a much more fitting and fairer opponent.

Kyodi establishes a flow similar to Messia’s sing-song rhythm, and reels off an impressively descriptive anthem meant to disrespect and belittle Messia’s singular attempt at an in-studio clapback.

The track, released on October 4, also injects some version of Kyodi’s humor into the feud, with the Asset singer poking fun at Messia’s weight and at his confidence in his place in current Dancehall (“Bout GOAT yaa baby kid/If a neva fi yuh size yuh nuh really big…). The song is ultimately a braggadocious and opportunistic jab at Messia which intends to convey only one message – he is out of his league against ‘Yaadman badness’.

The origins of the beef are shrouded in mystery. Evidence points to a post that Messia made to his ‘Close Friends’ list on Instagram taking shots at Teejay and Sumfest, which ultimately got back to the Owna Lane singer.

That interaction elicited a response from Teejay, which kicked off a series of cryptic messages between both men. Teejay had recorded the first diss track in the entire exchange, Warning, and Messia responded with Collision. 

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