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The Planetoids and Tamara Dey Drop Hot New Track ‘So Cool’

The Planetoids and Tamara Dey Drop Hot New Track ‘So Cool’ –  The Planetoids are back with a a new single, unleashing their latest collaboration. “So Cool,” featuring the celebrated singer, songwriter, and DJ Tamara Dey, the beloved First Lady of House.

Their creative synergy ignited at the Africa Rise Music conference in Johannesburg, leading to an immediate collaboration. Following the success of their hit “Don’t Get Too Close,” the pair wasted no time in hitting the studio to craft their newest masterpiece.

“So Cool” emerged from a lively conversation over dinner, where the topic of entertaining lies versus mundane truths sparked our creative flame. We pondered the appeal of embellished narratives and the resurgence of populism, weaving these musings into a catchy melody. The song celebrates the allure of embellishment without causing harm, inviting listeners into a world where reality dances with imagination.

‘So cool’, A sonic landscape…

Fueled by camaraderie and a shared passion for music, The Planetoids and Tamara Dey found inspiration in the most unexpected of places. “So Cool” boasts a fusion of recorded elements and innovative samples.

Drawing inspiration from iconic acts like Daft Punk, we crafted our own sonic landscape, later slicing it into mesmerizing fragments. Despite the unconventional setting and the absence of traditional studio gear, the track flourished, with wireless headphone receivers doubling as makeshift monitors. Embracing digital synthesizers in lieu of analog instruments, we discovered a new realm of sonic possibilities, infusing “So Cool” with a fresh, vibrant energy.

Escape into a world of disco beats and sassy storytelling…

“So Cool” resonates on both a visceral and cerebral level. Offering listeners a sonic escape into a world of disco beats and sassy storytelling. It’s a song designed to make you dance, while also tickling your intellect with its witty lyricism. We hope that “So Cool” brings smiles and joy to all who hear it. Serving as a soundtrack for carefree moments and spontaneous dance parties. With its infectious groove and irresistible charm, “So Cool” is poised to become a staple in playlists everywhere, leaving listeners captivated and eager for more.

The Inspiration behind ‘So Cool’…

We were fascinated by the idea of how people weave narratives to elevate their social standing, blurring the lines between truth and fiction. ‘So Cool’ captures the allure of these embellishments. Drawing listeners into a world where deception is as mesmerizing as it is dangerous.” ~ Tamara Dey

Working with Tamara is always an exhilarating experience. Her energy is infectious, and her creativity knows no bounds. ‘So Cool’ is a testament to our shared vision. The magic that happens when artists come together to create something truly special.” ~ The Planetoids

With infectious beats, melodies, and thought-provoking lyrics, “So Cool” promises to captivate audiences worldwide. Get ready to lose yourself in the hypnotic groove of Tamara Dey and The Planetoids’ latest offering.

Fans can anticipate a dynamic release that reflects the band’s passion for music, creativity, and global unity. Stay tuned as The Planetoids continue to captivate audiences with their musical prowess and commitment to bridging cultures.

Stream ‘So Cool’ here

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