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Benzino Claims He Destroyed Eminem with “Rap Elvis” Single: ‘He Sucks as a Rapper’

Benzino is back talking about Eminem. Appearing on The Art of Dialogue, Benzino claims he “destroyed” Eminem, referring to his “Rap Elvis” single.

“‘Rap Elvis’ already destroyed him,” Benzino said. “I already killed him with ‘Rap Elvis.’ Where’s he at? Where’s the response? I want to battle him face-to-face. I think he’s overrated and sucks as a rapper.”

Last week, in the same Drink Champs episode where Benzino called out Eminem, he also cried and said he doesn’t hate Eminem.

In the opening part of Benzino’s episode, he is brazen in his opinion toward Slim Shady.

“F**k Eminem and fuck everybody down with Eminem,” Benzino opened. “My thing is, that n**a won’t face me. When we was in Puerto Rico I was with west with a gun on the dashboard and we caught Green Lantern outside the DJ convention. Don’t f**k around with me.

“We come from a whole different trenches. That n***a ain’t us.”

But once the liquor set in, Benzino had a softer response, even crying.

“I don’t hate Eminem. I don’t know him to hate him,” Benzino said. “I don’t hate white people tired of this shit, man. It’s just too much. I don’t want to be the bad guy.

“Eminem ain’t no bad person. He belongs in Hip Hop. It’s a big racist problem in America right now and Eminem could probably stop half of it.”

You can see the tearful moment below.

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