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Cam’ron Ordered to Pay $50K for Using Iconic Pink Fur Photo on Merch Without Permission

Cam’ron has to fork over $50,000 for using a photo of himself on merch. According to Billboard, Cam placed his iconic image in the pink fur coat on a run of merch items. The issue is he did not own the photo.

The owner, Djamilla Cochran, took Cam and his Dispey Couture company to court for copyright infringement. Cam didn’t respond to the lawsuit or attempt to defend his use, leading to a judgment of $40,530 in statutory damages and the $10,691 it cost Cochran to file the suit.

“The court finds that a statutory damages award of seven times the licensing fee is sufficient to compensate plaintiff for the infringement of her copyright and to deter future infringements by punishing the defendants,” the ruling judge said.

The photo was captured at a New York Fashion Show in 2003. GQ licensed the image for a GQ article in 2016. You can see the iconic image below.

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