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Charlamagne on Jermaine Dupri’s Calling Out of Brand Not Celebrating Hip-Hop 50 in ATL: ‘JD Could Have Done Something Himself’

Recently, events celebrating Hip-Hop 50 have occurred across the city, but a major one went down at Yankees Stadium. Following the run of events occurring directly in the birth week, Jermaine Dupri wondered why no one held an event in Atlanta, prompting a reply from Charlamagne Tha God.

“Just for the record!” Dupri tweeted. “No brands have done any dinners or get togethers in Atlanta celebrating the 50 anniversary of HipHop That’s Crazy!!!”

In a second message, he wrote, “I see someone is trying to take my tweet and create the narrative that I’m mad about what’s been happening in NY for #Hiphop50 compared to what’s been happening in Atlanta, lol that’s completely flase, My statement was all business related.”

It still brought out a response from Charla who said during The Breakfast Club, “Why can’t Jermaine Dupri do it? JD is big enough to do it. JD could have done something himself if he thought Hip-Hop wasn’t being represented right coming out of the ATL.”

Hear it from Charlamagne below.

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