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Coi Leray Speaks on Benzino: ‘Don’t Think of Me When You See Him’

Coi LeRay doesn’t agree with anything her father, Benzino, has said or done recently. Benzino appeared on the We In Miami podcast and spoke his heart about R. Kelly, stating, “Everybody deserves a second chance.”

After mistakenly stating the legal age in America is 16, Benzino doubled down with his rationale: “Why the fuck is R. Kelly doing all this time? Because you know why? Because they’re 14 and 13 — two years younger — but you don’t think that the people who cleared it for 16 years old didn’t know that they’re fucking with 13s and 14s, too.”

He later added, “Them parents of them girls knew what they were dealing with, with R. Kelly, lot of people knew that shit. R. Kelly wasn’t educated, man. Like when does that come in play?

Hitting X, Coi LeRay made sure to distance herself from the comments, stating: “I don’t respect his decisions and I really want nothing to do with him please dont even think of me when you see him.”

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