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Dame Dash Says He Was Hyped to Hear His Name on “Ether”

22 years ago, JAY-Z was deep in a battle with Nas. On this day, Hov dropped The Blueprint album, which featured the diss track “Takeover.” Released after was “Ether,” the Nas classic, which name-dropped Dame Dash.

Speaking on The CEO Show, Dash revealed how he felt to hear his name in the song.

“I was hyped that he said my name but also I knew what homie was doing and I thought it was a distraction,” Dash said. “I’m like, ‘This is bubblegum shit.’ I go to do a fucking Rocawear campaign in Arizona, with Freeway I think, he was there. I land and this d*mb shit [JAY-Z] is on the radio and we took an L because he got in this man’s emotions.”

Dash said he called for Hov to leave the radio station. “I was hitting him from the thing like, ‘Get off the radio! We looking crazy!’”

You can hear it all below.

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