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DC Young Fly Speaks on Missing Ms. Jacky Oh During the Holidays: ‘Definitely Needed in the Household’

DC Young Fly speaks about missing his partner, the late Ms. Jacky Oh, during the holiday season. Speaking with Page Six, DC Young Fly reveals why “mothers are definitely needed in the household.”

“A mother is a nurturing spirit, the father is a protector,” Young Fly said. “You need nurturing spirits around at all times. So definitely a mother’s needed.”

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He added, “I don’t have a feminine side. I am a king who learns how to be nurturing… I can go out [and] fight, provide and protect. But when you go home, you have to have a soft side, because they are kids that you have to nurture, and make sure they’re taken care of. But there is no feminine energy over here. You just got to learn how to speak to them, that’s all.”

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DC Young Fly revealed what is keeping him together: Keeping the energy right, and just knowing that everything is going to be all right, [as] long as you stay positive, and have an optimistic mindset — and just knowing that the energy is always with a higher power — [you’re going to] be all right.”

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