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Drake Paid Lil CC $20K For The “Money In The Grave” Beat

Drake might be one of the biggest artists in the world, and his bank account carries that same energy. Beyond the music, the 6 God has been coming up on dough through sports betting, recently winning almost a million dollars on Stake when the Denver Nuggets took home the NBA title.

Recently, Lil CC hopped on Shirley Ju’s show Shirley’s Temple to reveal the actual dollar amount she received for Drake’s “Money In The Grave” featuring Rick Ross. The song took on a life of its own, with even Drizzy using it as the official anthem for his home team Toronto Raptors winning the NBA Championships back in 2019.

When asked what Lil CC’s first placement was, the Los Angeles native responds, “My first beat was ‘Money In The Grave,’ so it was $20K. It was crazy. Man, I fuck with this. Wow, knowing that somebody believed in me that much and supported what I did, it made me want to go even harder.”

The song features Drake’s vocals as he spits, “Lil CC let it slap with the bass!” While she hasn’t taken this on as her tagline, she reveals her excitement upon hearing it.

Lil CC explains, “I heard it before everybody else heard it. It was sent in a video, I went crazy. I was in a changing room, I was modeling for Missguided in England. I was listening to it while I was changing into my next outfit. I’m like what the fuck? They’re like ‘are you okay?’ Yeah, I’m okay. I’m real okay. I was so happy to shoot the rest of that day. I was smiling in every picture. I couldn’t stop smiling.”

She also goes on to reveal that none of her friends in the States were awake for that moment, but there was someone there who barely spoke English — yet could bask in the excitement of what had just transpired. 

“I’m barely trying to talk to this girl in another language, and she could understand me a little bit,” Lil CC states. “Luckily, she knew who Drake was. [laughs] I played the song, she’s like ‘he’s talking about you!’ She was losing her mind, talking in a different language. That was funny. That was the first day I found out, I told her.”

As far as placements, Lil CC reveals she has collaborations with Rae Sremmurd and Kid Cudi in the works. Watch the full interview here.

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