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Drake Shows All the Bras He Has Collected During ‘IAAB’ Tour on Instagram

Drake is nearing the end of his run for the It’s All A Blur Tour. Throughout the run, throwing bras at the stage has become a fan tradition. Taking to Instagram in the early hours of Wednesday, Drake showed all the bras that have flooded his stage.

“Remember when we both forgot who the fuck I was in unison…that wavelength was def a foolish one,” Drake wrote.

50 Cent wants some bras thrown at him, too. At the Final Lap Tour, 50 joked about Drake’s bra treatment backstage.

“Drake, they throw him bras,” 50 Cent said. “What do I get? Could you please go get me some Drake fans? Shit just don’t feel right. I need to feel special around here. I need them to treat me like I’m Drake. Drake get bras every night. I used to get bras in the beginning of my career.”

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