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‘Fresh Prince’ or ‘Martin’? Will Smith Says ‘Martin’ Was Hands Down Funnier

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have been making the rounds to support their new film Bad Boys: Ride or Die. The two icons, stars of their own ’90s sitcoms, pulled up on Nightcap with Shannon Sharpe and revealed which sitcom was better: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or Martin.

“It wasn’t even a competition,” Smith answered. “Martin was hands down funnier than me. I used to study this dude in pure jealousy at the level of comedic genius that he could portray. I’m an actor that needs a script. Martin, you can just roll and say, ‘Go’ and just let it rip and make it up and different takes and all of that and just how he used his body and he’ll look and notice something in the room and grab it and use it. It was a level of comedic genius that was stunning to me.

Martin Lawrence wants fans to know that he is doing well. After a recent event in which it appears his Bad Boys co-star Will Smith is leading him upstairs and another in which he seems unfocused in an interview, Martin is speaking out.

Pulling up on Hot 97, Martin said: “I’m fine. I’m in Gods hands. I’m blessed- I’m glad to be waking up everyday and everything. No need for people to be concerned. I’m healthy as hell. Stop the rumors”

You can see the moment below.

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