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Ice Cube Sends Warning to ‘Gatekeepers’ Against His Big 3 League

Ice Cube’s Big 3 basketball season is officially underway, launching in Chicago. Ahead of the opening tip for the season, Cube hit Twitter and let off a message to the “gatekeepers” attempting to hinder his success.

According to Cube, he stated he isn’t a part of the “club of gatekeepers,” and after launching the Contract with Black America, the NBA and media partners have shaded him. Thankfully for his product, Cube continues to find players and has a successful partnership with CBS.

Cube revealed he would expose those working against him in a podcast tour.

“I’ma go talk to everybody,” Ice Cube said. “Get a chance to get my message out to the people. Be able to let people hear from me. And you might agree, you might not. But, the important thing is, for me to go on these platforms and say what I feel about what I think.”

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