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The Source |Island Boys’ Franky Venegas Arrested For Allegedly Slapping GF

According to a report from TMZ, Franky Venegas of the Island Boys was arrested on domestic battery charges after he allegedly slapped his girlfriend and pushed her into a pool following a verbal altercation.

Venegas’ girlfriend alleges that the couple started arguing on Saturday near the pool of their Pompano Beach, Florida AirBNB, when she threatened to break up with him because of his “physical[ly] abusive behavior.”

TMZ says that she told police that Venegas “got upset and slapped her across the face and pushed her into the shallow part of the pool, causing her to hit her chin on the concrete floor below.”

Police confirmed that she had multiple bruises on her body after the incident, which prompted the arrest of Venegas. He was released soon after on bond.

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