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Jeannie Mai Seeks Private Mediation Amidst Divorce Drama with Young Jeezy

Three months after rapper Young Jeezy filed for divorce from his wife, Jeannie Mai, the legal battle has taken a new turn. Reports say Jeannie Mai is opposing her estranged husband’s request for a public hearing to discuss the custody schedule for their one-year-old daughter. Instead, she is urging the court to consider private mediation to resolve the matter discreetly.

In court documents obtained by Radar Online, Mai’s response counters Jeezy’s recent motion, where he accused her of “gatekeeping” their daughter. Jeezy claimed that the informal visitation schedule they agreed upon was causing unnecessary tension and confusion, and he sought a public hearing to address the custody issues.

In her recent response, Mai acknowledged that their child had been living with her in Los Angeles but denied acting as a “gatekeeper.” She highlighted her flexibility in accommodating Jeezy’s schedule and expressed her commitment to working together for the best interests of their daughter.

Mai’s lawyer emphasized her commendable commitment to facilitating cross-country visits and suggested that the matter be resolved privately through mediation. The attorney stated, “Ms. Jenkins has demonstrated a commendable commitment to working together with Mr. Jenkins in the best interest of their daughter.”

Jeannie Mai’s request for private mediation comes in the wake of public insinuations of infidelity in a court filing, where she hinted that Jeezy may have cheated on her. In her divorce response, she referenced a prenuptial agreement provision related to infidelity, seeking financial penalties for any adulterous actions.

The legal saga continues, with sources close to Jeezy denying the claims of infidelity. The judge has yet to make a ruling on the request for private mediation.

As the high-profile divorce unfolds, the public awaits further developments and the potential impact on the ongoing custody battle between Jeannie Mai and Young Jeezy.

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