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Kerry Washington Discovers Her Dad is Not Biological Father: ‘Turned my World Upside Down’

Actress Kerry Washington has revealed a surprising family secret in her forthcoming memoir, Thicker Than Water. The Scandal star, aged 46, recently discovered that her father, Earl Washington, is not her biological father.

The revelation, which Washington calls a “world-turning moment,” prompted her to embark on a journey of self-discovery.

“It really turned my world upside down,” Washington said to PEOPLE.

The actress learned the shocking truth after expressing her intention to participate in Henry Louis Gates Jr.’s PBS series, “Finding Your Roots,” which utilizes DNA testing to help celebrities learn about their ancestral backgrounds.

Her parents, Valerie and Earl, who had concealed the secret for decades, privately discussed the matter with Gates and decided to share it with Kerry. A family sit-down was arranged in the spring of 2018 following a text message from her parents.

Kerry Washington’s forthcoming memoir delves into her life, identity, and the profound impact of this revelation. It offers readers a glimpse into the deeply personal and transformative journey the actress experienced.

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