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Lil Mama Criticizes Nicki Minaj’s Influence on Female Rap, Sparking Controversy

Rapper Lil Mama has once again sparked controversy with her sharp criticism of Nicki Minaj and the current state of female rap. Her comments have ignited a heated debate about the oversexualization of female artists in the genre and Minaj’s influence on this trend.

Criticism of Oversexualization

The debate intensified when New Orleans rapper Dee-1 shared a montage on social media, juxtaposing performances by Sexyy Red, GloRilla, Latto, Ice Spice, and Megan Thee Stallion at the BET Awards with his song “Purify My Eyes.” Dee-1’s lyrics lament the oversexualization of female rappers, criticizing the portrayal of women in the music industry.

“I turned on the awards show and the things I’ve seen on the screen/ Will make me cause a scene ’cause it’s so obscene/ We call women queens but we celebrate the prostitution of their bodies,” Dee-1 rapped, reflecting a sentiment that Lil Mama echoed in her own criticism.

Lil Mama’s Rant

On July 1, Lil Mama took to social media to join the conversation, unleashing a scathing critique of Nicki Minaj and her influence on female rap. She labeled Minaj a “musical prostitute” and accused her of setting a negative example for younger female rappers.

“What major musical prostitutes do you remember from the last 15 years?” Lil Mama wrote. “Who do you think they watched corporate give a platform and flowers for sitting out. Be forreal.” She suggested that the current wave of female rappers, influenced by Minaj, were not being true to themselves and were instead pandering to corporate interests.

Lil Mama’s comments were part of a larger critique of the industry, where she accused executives, fans, and artists of lacking the courage to do better. “We can do better as a ‘culture’ @bet + @betawards I mean this sincerely,” she wrote. “Deep down, most executives, fans, and artists know we can do better. We just gotta have the courage to do it.”

Heated Reactions

The response to Lil Mama’s comments was swift and divided. Many fans came to Nicki Minaj’s defense, arguing that Lil Mama’s criticism was unfounded and that she was simply seeking attention. Some suggested that Lil Mama was bitter because she was not invited to perform at the BET Awards.

“Are you saying that I would have been performing be selling p**sy too or just performing,” Lil Mama retorted, defending her stance and drawing a clear line between herself and Minaj. Despite the backlash, she attempted to soften her message, stating, “It’s all love. God is the greatest and these women are gonna wake up and realize that they are worth more than any price tag.”

A Longstanding Feud

This is not the first time Lil Mama has publicly criticized Nicki Minaj. In 2011, she accused Minaj of copying her style, telling MTV, “My cut is blunt and futuristic and Nicki Minaj started wearing that bob on her head after she came to my show.” Over the past decade, Lil Mama’s perspective has shifted from viewing herself as an inspiration to positioning herself as a critic of Minaj’s influence.

Lil Mama’s latest comments have reignited discussions about the portrayal of women in rap and the impact of influential artists like Nicki Minaj. As the debate continues, it highlights the ongoing tensions within the music industry regarding authenticity, representation, and the commercialization of female artists.


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