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Nicki Minaj Promises ‘Eargasms’ with Pink Friday 2 Album

Nicki Minaj continues to get fans ready for Pink Friday 2. In her latest tweet update, Minaj guarantees “eargasms” as she worked on her current Top 2 songs from the body of work.

“Yesterday I worked on my current TOP 2 songs off PF2,” Minaj wrote on Twitter. “The eargasms that YALL are about to have. Ooohhhh chiiiii huntyyyyy don’t make dat serveeee.”

In a previous update, Minaj declared what would happen when Pink Friday 2 dropped.

“Y’all, I’m not even kidding. In 111 days…Pink Friday 2 is coming to save & restore hope in mankind omg barbz I love you I dooooo!” Minajr wrote.

In a separate tweet, she stated, “The barbz will gather around the camp fire and well… you’ll have to wait to see what we do next.”

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Nicki Minaj has announced her new album will be a sequel to Pink Friday and has a new release date. Hitting Instagram, Minaj moved the project from the October release date to Nov. 17.

“Dear Barbz, I’ve been trying to find the right time to tell you this for a few days,” Minaj wrote on Instagram. “Due to some really exciting news that I’ll share with you guys @ a later time, I’ve shifted the album date just a tad bit. Trust me, it’ll be WELL WORTH THE WAIT…but since I AM shifting the date just a tad, I’d like to give you guys a tiny SIP of some more album tea so that I don’t have to get cussed out 🙁 so…here it goes: 🎀 MY NEW ALBUM WILL BE RELEASED ON 11.17.23.”

She added, “and she shall be called: Pink Friday 2”

I love you guys so much. I am so grateful for the years of support & love you guys have given me. At times maybe I didn’t even deserve all that you have poured into me. Nonetheless, you. will. love. this. album. I will give tour deets closer to that time, but obviously the tour will start around the first quarter of 2024. I’ll also share the REAL album cover at a later date.

– Nicki Minaj

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