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Snoop Dogg Launches Iconic Auction Featuring Memorabilia, PlayStations, and More

Legendary rapper Snoop Dogg is giving fans a unique opportunity to own a piece of hip-hop history. The Long Beach native has teamed up with memorabilia-authentication and auction company The Realest to auction off an eclectic collection of items, with the event running from today until June 2.

According to Variety, Snoop’s auction features an array of iconic memorabilia. Items up for grabs include autographed photos, PlayStations, jackets, and jerseys. Producer and radio host Scott “DJ Skee” Keeney, the founder of The Realest, emphasized the uniqueness of the collection, telling Variety, “The items he is putting up are iconic. Everything from lyrics, awards — like ‘Pimp of the Year’! — unreleased tapes, outfits, sample toys, photos, scripts, concert riders, even a Snoop-authenticated smoked blunt in a crazy display case and ashtray.”

In addition to these standout items, the auction will feature autographed scripts from “The Boondocks” TV show, master recording tapes (though without the publishing rights), and a custom-boxed Death Row Records chain autographed by Snoop Dogg himself. Reflecting on the significance of the auction, Snoop noted, “This is sh*t that we have, but we didn’t know it was worth something.”

The auction’s diverse catalog underscores the growing market for hip-hop memorabilia, which has proven to be highly lucrative in recent years. Variety highlights that auctions involving hip-hop artifacts often yield substantial profits. Last year, for example, a mic thrown by Cardi B was auctioned for charity, and a rap book of Drake’s was sold the year prior. Notably, Drake himself purchased one of Tupac’s rings and Pharrell’s chain, the latter becoming a focal point in his feud with Kendrick Lamar.

DJ Skee views this auction as more than just a sale; it’s a new revenue opportunity for artists. “Items like setlists, stage equipment, outfits, signage, and more are things that fans desire but can’t find. It helps to build a new revenue stream for artists,” he explained.

For fans and collectors, this auction represents a rare chance to own memorabilia directly linked to one of hip-hop’s most enduring figures. As the event unfolds, it not only celebrates Snoop Dogg’s career but also highlights the broader cultural and financial significance of preserving and honoring hip-hop history.

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