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Steve and Marjorie Harvey Shuts Down Cheating Rumors

No, Marjorie Harvey did not cheat on Steve Harvey with his bodyguard and chef. Over the past week, rumors ran wild that Marjorie stepped out on Steve, leading to him addressing the rumors at Invest Fest 2023.

“Before I get started, just let me say I’m fine,” Harvey said as he came to the stage. “We’re fine. I don’t know what y’all doing, but find something else to do because we’re fine. Lord have mercy.”

Marjorie also added her own statement on Instagram, “My husband I don’t usually stop to address all the foolishness and lies that have been spread about us. However to whom much is given much is required. I understand that with my platform comes some sort of responsibility to those that may not be as strong as we are.”

You can see both below.

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