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Sukihana Speaks on Beef with JT: ‘It Hurts Me to Talk About People’

Math Hoffa recently hosted Sukihana on his popular show, “My Expert Opinion,” where she shared insights into her career and recent controversies. In part one of the episode, Sukihana addressed the online feud with rapper JT, stemming from Sukihana’s track “Cocaine.” She clarified her intentions behind the song, explaining that she wanted to prove her skills as an artist. She even removed some jokes from the track to ensure her music was taken seriously.

Despite the beef, Sukihana emphasized that she holds no animosity towards JT. “I don’t wanna sit here and laugh at her. It hurts me to talk about people,” she stated, expressing her desire not to disrespect JT but to be recognized for her talent.

Sukihana also touched on the broader topic of rap beef, specifically praising the rivalry between Kendrick Lamar and Drake. She admired their competitive spirit and consistency, noting that their feud brought a significant moment to hip-hop and a “masculine vibe” she appreciates.

In discussing her journey as an independent artist, Sukihana highlighted the success of “Cocaine,” which has been trending on iTunes. She expressed confidence in her path, saying, “I don’t have a machine behind me, but I’m always trending.” This remark underscores her belief in her ability to thrive independently without the backing of a major label.



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