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Summer Walker Reveals She Cried Listening to J. Cole’s Feature on Her ‘Clear 2: Soft Life’ EP

J. Cole dropped his latest verse on Summer Walker’s Clear 2: Soft Life EP. If you haven’t heard it, go do that, as it is one of the best verses of the year.

Walker was a guest on Yung Miami’s Caresha Please, and she spoke about “Audio Hug” and how it made her feel, revealing she was pregnant and cried at the result.

“I had asked him to do a song, he really didn’t get time to do it,” Walker revealed. “He wanted to meet and I was so fucking pregnant that I was just like, ‘oh my God, I can’t.’ I don’t know if you seen them damn pictures, I was like 200 pounds. My ankles were huge. It was crazy.

“So we didn’t meet. He did end up sending me something called ‘Audio Hug.’ It’s so sweet. I cried when I heard it. He was just being hella sweet and just saying that he sees all the shit that I went through and if I ever need to call him for anything. It was just cool.”

J. Cole delivered his second feature verse in back-to-back weeks. Coming off his stellar performance on Lil Durk’s “All My Life,” J. Cole delivered Summer Walker an “audio hug” on her CLEAR 2: Soft Life EP.

The song is officially titled “To Summer, From Cole,” and through his verse, he shares his admiration for Walker and all her work as a mother, his own parenting, and more. One piece of the verse that stands out to fans is he once again mentions his The Fall Off album.

“I find it amazing, the way that you juggle your kids, the biz, the fame, the bitches that’s hatin’
They sit around waiting for you to fall off like the album I’m making”

– J. Cole

In February, J. Cole‘s manager, Ibrahim “Ib” Hamad, teased the project on Twitter.

Ib tweeted the album’s title in response to a tweet asking about which J. Cole album fans would love to hear performed front to back. The tweet prompted fans to believe the album is coming.

You can get more of Summer Walker’s EP here.

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