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SZA Discusses Her Passion For The Environment In Latest Interview

Fresh off winning three GRAMMY Awards, SZA sat down with SiriusXM’s J1 to talk about her experience at the GRAMMYs, the making of her new song, “Saturn,” her passion for the environment, and her support of forest restoration.

When speaking about her next farming venture, SZA said, “My next venture is trying to grow greens, like just a bunch of different deep, deep greens. I heard kale is the easiest and I feel like citrus trees, I know I have better luck in the winter with them flowering, but I really want to try and plant some citrus trees and some passionfruit.” She added, “I really like things that kind of grow on vines and take over your yard. I’m just trying to decide what kind of, I’m realizing it’s definitely not a hobby. It definitely has to become a lifestyle, so now I’m trying to decide where do I want to live? Where I live is gonna be the root of all my new farming explorations, so I guess it’s time for me to buy my first house kind of. I’m super nervous about that and now I’m just trying to decide is it gonna be a farm? So, that’ll be interesting to see how I can incorporate my passions into my actual life and my future. The lady that I want to see myself become.”

Check out the full interview HERE

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