The Source |Terror Squad Founding Member Charlie Rock LD Passes Away

The Hip Hop community, specifically in the South Bronx, is saddened by the passing of one their unsung heroes, Terror Squad’s Charlie Rock LD, who died over the weekend.

Felix Delgado aka Charlie Rock LD was one of the founding members of TS, a Bronx-based collective which grew to include Fat Joe, Big Pun, Triple Seis, Cuban Link, Prospect, Armageddon, Tony Sunshine, Remy Ma and DJ Khaled.

At 18 years old, Charlie received a 10-20 year sentence “for not rattin on my homie,” as he explains. He also claims that he got into a prison “shank fight defending Fat Joe.”

Cuban Link first announced Rock’s passing with a post on social media, saying, “Rest in peace to the big homey Charlie rock l .d dam homey we had alot left to do out here 🙏🏽 may god rest your soul .❤️💯🔥”

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