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Tiffany Haddish Plays Detective Investigating Negative Comments Online

When it comes to combating internet trolls, Tiffany Haddish is far from letting sleeping dogs lie. She doing the polar opposite and actually investigating who’s saying what and who’s who. Haters in the comments watch out because she apparently has nothing but time and plenty of motivation.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times Thursday, Haddish addressed the detractors’ drinking all the haterade lately. I guess the energy has been getting under her skin, as she’s only human and wouldn’t be bothered by internet bullies, but instead of cowering, the “Night School” actress is firing back.

Haddish told the LA Times that her comments are ripe with bullying behavior. They’ve ratcheted up their onslaught more recently. But get this: She began using an inexpensive background check platform to find out contact details along with anything else she could dig up on her attackers. Yikes.

She even made a ghost account to get her hands on personal stuff on the trolls and wow, before getting phone numbers and actually calling some of them. Sorry, but this is kinda funny. It’s tragic but hilarious nonetheless. As you would think most are caught completely off guard by that. She goes deeper and checks out their credit reports and even, in some cases, police records all that!

Why go this far? Haddish wants people to know everything has consequences, especially bullying or hiding behind some account like a coward and bullying.

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