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[WATCH] Blueface Allegedly Stabbed In Altercation In Boxing Gym

Footage from Kaminsky Boxing Gym in Reseda, California shows Blueface getting into an altercation with another man before the man appears to pull out some type of weapon. in which Blueface claimed he was stabbed and will not be able to fight in his scheduled bout in October.

Blue face claims that he did not know the man prior to their physical altercation, in which gym owner David Kaminsky attempted to diffuse the situation, but not long before Blueface landed a couple of punches upon his would-be assailant. The man backed up and appeared to have been going for a weapon, but the video ends before you can see what actually transpired.

After the incident, Blueface appeared on social media to announce that he would not be fighting in his bout scheduled for October 14 against Salt Papi.

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