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[WATCH] Cam And Ghostface Joke About Him “Looking” For Tony Starks In Staten Island

During a chance meeting backstage at the historic Hip Hop 50 Live concert at Yankee Stadium last weekend, Dipset general and Wu Tang Clan front man Ghostface Killah bumped heads and laughed about the time when Cam made a trip to Staten Island at “three in the morning” looking for the Wu legend.

“I seen that shit!” Ghostface Killah said as they both laughed at the nostalgic moment.

Twelve years ago, Cam took to the streets of Staten to track down Ghost just to give him his props. Cam recorded the footage of him interviewing several people who may lead him to Ironman himself.

[He’s] one of my favorites, Top 5,” he said. “To me, it’s no filter with Ghostface, he’s not faking what he’s saying to me. Like, I believe everything he says. Don’t get me wrong, it be extra shit…you can’t put everything on wax, but when he does an interview or when he talks, I believe what he’s saying.”

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