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Chrisean Rock Clashes with Akademiks Over Her Pregnancy on Instagram Live

It got a little spicy on the Zeus Network’s Instagram. Chrisean Rock and DJ Akademiks had an IG Live session, where Ak was critical of her pregnancy due to her behavior. “I can’t cosign a woman’s pregnancy when it’s supposed to be full of joy and love, acting the way you do,” Ak said.

From there, the gloves were off, with Chrisean defending her behavior, and it eventually turning into a full argument, which you can see below.

Chrisean Rock and Blueface are expecing a child. In a new episode of Crazy in Love, the two discuss the forthcoming baby, with the rapper congratulating her on holding his child.

“Well, you was right,” Blueface says in a clip. “Congratulations on having a Blueface baby.”

Chrisean revealed the baby will be a boy.

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