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[WATCH] Stacy Dash Celebrates Seven Years of Sobriety

In the whirlwind of Hollywood, actress Stacey Dash has navigated her share of ups and downs. From her provocative persona on political views to her tumultuous personal battles offscreen, Dash’s journey has been anything but ordinary. However, in a recent revelation on TikTok, the Clueless star opened up about a significant milestone in her life: nearly eight years of sobriety.

It’s a stark contrast from the controversy that surrounded Dash eight years ago when, as a vocal far-right conservative, she famously joined comedian Chris Rock in a trolling stunt targeting Black people at the Academy Awards. Yet, as the dust settled on those tumultuous times, it seems Dash was battling her own demons behind closed doors.

In a candid TikTok video, Dash addressed concerns raised by social media users about her well-being, particularly speculation regarding drug use. Dispelling the rumors, she proudly declared, “I am 7 years and 9 months clean. Yayy!” Her declaration wasn’t just a proclamation of personal triumph; it marked the beginning of her journey to share her experiences with addiction and recovery openly.

Acknowledging the support and concern of her fans, Dash expressed her intention to shed light on her journey, emphasizing the transformative impact on her “mind, body, and spirit.” “I hope by doing this, I help somebody else. Cause I know the struggle’s real,” she added, a testament to her newfound commitment to advocacy and support.

Dash’s path to sobriety hasn’t been easy. She revealed her history with drug use during a 2016 interview, tracing it back to her upbringing in a household where both parents were drug users. Her mother’s initiation into cocaine use at just 16 years old marked the beginning of a long and arduous battle with addiction. It wasn’t until the birth of her son, Austin Williams, in 1991, that Dash found the resolve to confront her demons and commit to sobriety.

However, the road to recovery has been fraught with challenges. In 2021, Dash candidly admitted to relapsing after being prescribed Vicodin by a doctor, sometimes consuming up to 20 pills a day. Her honesty about her struggles resonated with many, creating a platform for open dialogue about addiction and mental health.

While Dash’s journey to sobriety is deeply personal, her decision to share it with the world reflects a newfound sense of purpose and resilience.

Watch below.

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