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[WATCH] Van Lathan Calls Adam22 “White Devil” Over Adam’s Rooga Interview

In one of the more recent episodes of No Jumper, Adam22 discussed his mental health during an interview with TMZ host Van Lathan, who asked the podcaster about his recent behavior. This led to an aggressive convo about Adam’s interviews and his recent sit-down with Rooga.

Adam defended his gang-based questioning against Lathan, who said that Adam asked too many questions about Rooga’s gang affiliation. It was revealed that Rooga made a pre-interview request not to answer any such gang-related questioning, but Adam contends that he’ forgotten that agreement, maintaining his stance that his questions were not to incite beef.

Lathan then insinuated that was the reason that Adam22 could come off like a “white devil” to some viewers. See the entire interview below.

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