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YSL Defendant Used Attorney’s Laptop To Engage In Affair With Fulton Co. Deputy

In another unsuspecting twist in the YSL RICO trial, the attorney for alleged YSL co-conspirator Christian Eppinger was forced to hand his laptop over to authorities as a part of the investigation after it was claimed that Eppinger used his lawyer’s laptop to communicate with a sheriff’s deputy with whom he was having an affair.

Fulton County Judge Ural Glanville ordered that defense lawyer Eric Johnson turn over his computer because there was “sufficient probable cause” to believe that Johnson allowed Eppinger to contact former Fulton County Sheriff’s deputy Akeiba Stanley via Instagram while the two allegedly had an affair.

Eppinger’s case has been severed from the remaining eight defendants after the alleged affair with Stanley. The other 20 of the original 28 co-defendants took plea deals which kept most of them from facing active prison sentences.

Judge Glanville gave YSL defendants the right to use their attorney’s laptops, but only to review evidence and court documents. Johnson attempted to block the injunction by filing a motion to dismiss the seizure last month by saying it violates attorney-client privacy privilege. will update this story as more details develop about the YSL RICO case.

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