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Valiant Returns To The ‘Siance’ Formula With ‘Sainty’

Even though Dancehall artist Valiant said he longer needs to release songs that promote the practice of witchcraft (obeah) since he went “corporate,” his latest “siance” tune Sainty has raked in 480,00 plus views in only three days.

The video itself seems to have leaped straight out of popular US horror movies like Nightmare on Elm Street with several black magic and witchcraft images such as burning candles, gothic masks, and a disturbingly creepy scarecrow. He raids every old wives tale, pulling on images of sorcery, parchment paper and old cranky obeah women, tying it all in with the illicit.

And it would not be a Valiant hit without references to hustling and illicit cash.

The song was produced by NSG Music Group – Diplomats Records and the video was shot by 9Mile Visuals.

A few days ago, Valiant snuck into the comments section of a Star article about him on Instagram, after a reader stated that: “Mommy needs to tell him to stop sing bout obeah”.

Seemingly amused by the recommendation made by the woman, Valiant tagged her and replied: “😂went corporate no need to 🙌”.

His corporate reference alluded to his new brand ambassadorship deal with Digicel Jamaica.

It appears that corporate move or not, Valiant is not abandoning the ‘siance’ formula that has ignited his career.

Press play on the video for Sainty above.

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