A year of Rishi Sunak – but what about the next 12 months? | Politics News

A year after Rishi Sunak became prime minister, has he convinced the public of his competence and of his electability? 

Sophy Ridge from Sky News’ Politics Hub programme takes over from Niall Paterson for this episode.

She discusses Sunak’s record with Katy Balls, political editor at the Spectator, and Rachel Cunliffe, associate political editor at the New Statesman.

Then, Andrew Lansley, who ran Tory national election campaigns including in 1992, joins Sophy to discuss what the PM might be able to learn from the 1992 election campaign – and whether Jeremy Hunt is or isn’t part of the plan.

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Senior podcast producer: Annie Joyce
Podcast producer: Emma Rae Woodhouse
Interviews producer: Melissa Tutesigensi
Promotion producer: Jada-Kai Meosa John
Editor: Paul Stanworth

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