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AI Opportunity Forum holds first meeting

Technology Secretary Michelle Donelan and the Prime Minister’s Special Adviser on Business and Investment, Franck Petitgas, have led the first meeting of the AI Opportunity Forum last Monday (12 February) to lead discussions on how AI technology can be rolled out across organisations of all sizes – helping companies to unlock new opportunities and ramp up their productivity. 

The Secretary of State was joined by the forum’s business and tech leaders in Downing Street to discuss how we can work together to break down the barriers facing their industries in adopting AI technologies.

Members spoke about the progress already being made in various sectors across the economy to seize the potential of AI, and the huge productivity gains on offer.

They also discussed the challenges businesses face to go further, from large corporations to SMEs. Discussions centred around the importance of safety and public trust in AI, upskilling the workforce and fostering collaboration with academia. They also spoke about the key enablers, from compute and energy infrastructure to data, that will underpin AI adoption.

They agreed the forum would be a driving force behind identifying practical solutions needed to support businesses to make the most of AI.

They looked forward to the next meetings planned for April and June, with further, interim discussions also due to take place.

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