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Amal Clooney Wants George to ‘Distance Himself’ From Biden: Insiders

“It all blew up with Amal refusing to attend the fundraiser, leaving George to make an embarrassing appearance without her!” an insider alleged.

George had concerns that Amal could get swept up in US sanctions of the ICC, according to Daily Mail’s recent report.

Our sources echoed similar claims, alleging the screen stud’s loyalty to the commander-in-chief has strained his marriage.

“Amal put her foot down and raged Biden’s support for Israel was enabling what amounts to genocide in Gaza,” a tipster said, “But George replied he’d made a commitment to Biden he wasn’t about to abandon given the stakes of the election.”

Pundits say the ICC warrants — and Biden’s support of Israel’s actions — have put the POTUS in a tough spot.

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