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Angus Cloud’s Mom Fighting $310k Demand From Late ‘Euphoria’ Star’s Ex-Assistant

Angus Cloud’s mother Lisa rejected several creditor’s claims filed against her late son’s estate.

According to court documents obtained by, Lisa informed the court she opposed Angus’ estate paying several alleged debts.

Lisa said the $310k claim filed by Angus’ ex-assistant Jonathan Kim and the $95k bill submitted by her son’s former manager Diomi Cordero would not be paid.

The creditors have 90 days to respond to their claims being rejected.

As first reported, Lisa was appointed the administrator of Angus’ estate on October 9. The actor died on July 31 at his family’s home in Oakland, California. He was 25.

Lisa told the court she believed Angus’ estate to be worth at least $1 million.

The court granted Lisa powers to handle Angus’ finances and deal with any pending film projects her son was a part of before his death.

Months later, the estate started being hit with creditor’s claims over alleged debts Angus owed. In his claim, the actor’s ex-manager Diomi said he was owed unpaid commissions.

Diomi said Angus agreed to pay him 10% commission of work he secured. He said the actor made payments until he suddenly stopped in 2022. Diomi said Angus breached the contract when he ceased paying him “with no basis.”

In his filing, the manager said he the commissions he was owed included $17,500 for Ralph Lauren deal, $15k from Euphoria Season 2, $15k for a deal with Atelier Luxury Group, $13,500 for a Rayban deal, and $10k over a social media post for Reebok.

The ex-assistant, Jonathan, claimed he worked for Angus from September 2021 to July 2023. He claimed to be owed $115k in wages and another $195k in commissions.

“[Jonathan] is entitled to ten percent commission for compensation received by Decedent for his brand deals,” the filing read.

Sources close to the rising star claimed Angus was overcome with grief following the recent death of his dad. His mother denied her son was suicidal.

Lisa said her son’s last words were, “I love you, mama. You’re the best. I’ll see you in the morning.”

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