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He Claimed He Carried on Torrid Love Affair With Co-Star Dian Parkinson

A friend of the former game show model told the National Enquirer, “She said, ‘I sacrificed my body to keep my job. I was Bob Barker’s sex slave — and there was nothing I could do about it.'”

Parkinson claimed the at-the-time 70-year-old TV star threatened to have her fired from her job unless she submitted to his sexual demands.

“She told me, ‘Bob laid it on the line — he said that if I wanted to keep my job on the show, I’d have to give him what he wanted,'” the close friend told the outlet.

“Dian said he’d call her into his dressing room for sex between shows. She told me he mostly wanted oral sex and she gave in to Bob to protect her job.”

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