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Bungling Police Lost DNA Evidence, Blames Unsolved Murder on Incompetent Cops

Her head had been bashed and a makeshift garotte, fashioned from a paintbrush handle and cord, was around her neck. For years, John was under the police’s umbrella of suspicion along with his wife Patsy, a former West Virginia beauty queen who died of ovarian cancer at 49 on June 24, 2006. Both were formally cleared in 2008.

A broken cellar window and unknown DNA found on the child pointed to an intruder, but Boulder cops have refused John’s demands that the FBI and other scientifically advanced agencies be brought into the probe, he said.

He claimed to have recently spoken to the current Boulder police chief, who purportedly said they couldn’t reveal what was happening with the case. The angry father also complained at a Nashville Crime Con gathering that the FBI wouldn’t take over a probe unless the local police chief made the request.

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