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Cardi B’s Friend, Alleged ‘Godmother’ of Street Gang, Pleads With Judge for Permission to Travel for Gigs While Out on Bond

Cardi Bs close friend Star Brim, the alleged “godmother” to a subset of the Bloods gang, has asked a judge to travel out of state while out on bond, has learned.

According to court documents obtained by, Brim, who stands accused of being a high-ranking female member of the 5-9 Brims, said she is “solely financially responsible for herself and her son.”

Her lawyer said Brim is “currently employed and works full-time Monday thru Thursday.” However, he said his client worked as an Instagram “influencer” prior to her arrest.

He said Brim earned her living, in part, from paid club appearances. “She has received a number of offers to travel out of state to “host” parties at clubs and will be well compensated for doing so. To date, she has been unable to consider those offers because of the travel restrictions that still exists.”

In addition, she asked for her curfew to be removed.

“Over the last year, we have requested allowances for extension of curfew, but there have been several last-minute offers to work that she has been unable to take advantage of because there was not sufficient time to seek permission from the Court for a modification of her curfew,” her lawyer wrote.

As previously reported, Star’s arrest was made as part of an NYPD gang roundup where various other alleged members were taken into custody.

After police arrested Star and others, prosecutors released a statement telling the public, “The 5-9 Brims is a violent criminal organization that has terrorized residents of Brooklyn and Queens by committing brutal acts of violence in public places, trafficking narcotics on the streets and defrauding victims through financial schemes.”

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