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Police ‘Unable to Verify’ Carlee Russell Abduction Claims, Internet Search History Revealed

Law enforcement delivered an update on the ongoing investigation of the Alabama woman Carlee Russell‘s alleged abduction. Police stated that so far, they were “unable to verify” her story and revealed her bizarre search history in the days before she disappeared, has learned.

On July 13, Russell called 911 on her way home from work and reported a toddler walking alone on the side of the highway. Russell pulled over and called a family member, who said they heard a scream. She failed to make it home that evening. A frantic search for the 25-year-old quickly ensued, but 49 hours later, Russell miraculously returned to her parent’s home on foot.

During a press conference on Wednesday, officials confirmed there was no threat to the public, adding the investigation was still ongoing.

Police Chief Nicholas Derzis provided details on the investigation’s initial findings out of public concern.

Derzis first addressed Russell’s claim about the child, which he said was the only report made regarding a toddler in the area that evening. Additionally, Russell was said to have traveled six football fields following the child while on the phone with emergency services.

“Six football fields, to think a toddler could travel six football fields, without getting in the road, without crying, it’s very hard to understand,” Chief Derzis said according to WESH 2 news.

While the allegation of a missing child potentially being used as bait was deeply concerning, Derzis revealed eyebrow-raising internet searchers from Russell. Derzis said the searches he found relevant were made in the days leading up to her disappearance.

Those included: “Do you have to pay for an Amber Alert,” “How to take money from a register without being caught,” “Taken (movie about abduction),” and “Maximum age for an Amber Alert.”

Russell was said to have additionally looked into one-way bus tickets to Nashville, Tennessee, and looked up “Birmingham bus station.”

The Hoover PD official noted that Russell’s search for the movie Taken was “strange.”

“There are many questions left to be answered, but only Carlee can answer those questions,” Derzis told the press. “I do think it’s highly unusual for the day someone gets kidnapped, several hours before that, they’re googling the movie Taken, about an abduction, I find that very strange.”

Since her return, Russell has only spoken to detectives once. Derzis said her parents informed police that she was not ready to talk further. He believed Russell’s parents are “believing what their daughter told them.”

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Derzis said that Russell told detectives that when she stopped to check on the child, a white man with “orange hair” and a bald spot emerged from the woods, forced her into a car, and she later woke up in the trailer of a semi-truck. Russell claimed a woman was with the man and that she heard a child crying, but saw neither.

The police chief noted that before Russell contacted 911 after work, she bought snacks at a Target. While her wig, cell phone, and purse were found in or near her vehicle, the Target purchases appeared to be taken along with her.

Russell alleged that her abductors forced her to undress and took two photos of her. She claimed she made her escape by running through the woods and eventually found her way back home.

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