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‘It’s Been A Difficult Time For Her’

Celine Dion missed out on the premiere of her new film and sources said “it’s been a difficult time for her” amid her ongoing health struggles, has learned.

Earlier this month, Priyanka Chopra and Sam Heughan walked the red carpet for the film Love Again, but Celine — who plays herself in the rom-com — was noticeably absent.

Sources said the 55-year-old was not well enough to attend. “It’s been a difficult time for her,” the insider said. “She’s having difficulty walking and experiences periods of intense pain that come out of nowhere.”

As we previously reported, Celine was diagnosed with stiff-person syndrome in December. The singer already canceled a much-anticipated concert tour to deal with the neurological disorder, which the source said is worse than fans feared.

“Celine is keeping her condition private at the moment, but her life has changed drastically,” said the source. “She sees specialists like a neurologist, a holistic practitioner, and occupational and physical therapists. Still, she is holding out hope that she can beat the odds.”

As first reported, Celine has been attempting to regain strength for a potential 2024 comeback tour.

“She’s refusing to accept defeat,” said a source, who said Celine has been using physiotherapy and doing yoga in hopes of returning to the stage next year.

“What she needs is to embrace the treatment,” added the source. “And a LOT of R&R.”

“She’s going to fight this with everything she’s got,” the insider added. “She just wants to sing live in front of an audience again. She’s determined to perform on stage. It’s sad that her illness is preventing her from doing the thing she loves most. Knowing Celine, she will perform again very soon.”

As first reported, Celine has been leaning on her friends and family for support during the hard times. A source said the singer has been talking to her longtime pal Shania Twain during the ordeal.

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