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Chris Brown Involved In Another Confrontation Backstage in Vegas

The Next to You singer was caught on camera aggressively trying to reach for someone across from him at the venue. Brown can be heard in the video telling the people around him, “I got this, I got this.”

It’s unclear who he was trying to get to, but a crowd surrounded the 34-year-old R&B singer distancing him from the other party. The situation cooled down after a while, and supposedly no one got violent when everything was said and done.

The face-off allegedly took place on Saturday, May 6, just one day after Brown’s birthday party, where he and Usher reportedly had a heated exchange at a roller-skating rink in Vegas.

Usher allegedly ran after Brown after he left the party, and eyewitnesses claimed the Good Kisser singer walked away from the situation with a “bloodied nose.”

The eight-time Grammy winner also performed at the Friends and Lovers festival Saturday night and posted a video to his Instagram showing no physical injuries or any sign of a bloodied nose as he walked around backstage.

In the video, he told his 10.9 million followers, “Yo, we’re here having a great time. See you all soon.”

Usher did his set later that night without any on-stage trouble and never even mentioned the alleged fight between him and his fellow R&B singer.

The festival went off without a hitch as both Brown and Usher performed back-to-back Saturday night on the same stage to thousands of people at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds in Nevada.

The one-day sold-out festival was split across four stages and included 50 musical performances from some of the biggest names in hip hop and R&B.

Some other acts include Pitbull, Lil Kim, Nelly, 50 Cent, Mariah Carey and the headline act Missy Elliott.

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